Total package

If you need more than just cutting, Bomacon will handle it for you.

From the start Bomacon has adapted its services to client demand. Offering a client-specific total package is what makes us unique. By mastering several activities and calling upon third parties Bomacon meets the requirements and wishes of its clients.


Before or after products are cut Bomacon offers the possibility of carrying out works on these parts. We stand for high-quality solid construction welding. A few examples are hardening processes with heavier and precision constructions, and putting together stainless steel parts.

Machine construction

We have experience in assembling complex modules and entire machines or devices, such as large, solid and precision products. Our goal is to make sure that our clients can produce less labour intensively and more labour friendly.


If so desired Bomacon can arrange the transport of products, which can be done with company vehicles or reliable carriers.


We gladly use our knowledge and expertise to help our clients along. The engineers at Bomacon will unburden clients with its products and are prepared to provide advice on them. We can transform client requirements and wishes into concrete results.


If there is something that Bomacon cannot do in house, then we will call upon an expert we work with.

Please feel free to contact us.

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