Sustainability policy

Bomacon’s sustainability policy describes how Bomacon selects products and suppliers. Aspects such as the environment, human rights, safety, health, and contributing to the prosperity and well-being of employees in the chain guides our decisions.

Bomacon is a metalworking SME and a member of Stichting Metaalhuis in Eindhoven. Larger goals can be achieved thanks to this intensive collaboration. This sustainability policy is jointly carried out.

The fundamental points in our sustainability policy are:

  • Finding alternative methods, processes and procedures to minimise the negative effects on the environment
  • Taking into account the social, economic and ecological impact
  • Preventing waste and recycling whenever possible
  • Efficient transport to avoid emissions
  • Creating commitment among all our stakeholders
  • Innovative entrepreneurship in developing environmentally-friendly business processes and innovative products

Bomacon asks its partners to apply the same standards of sustainability as the company applies to its activities and challenges them to inspire Bomacon with new ideas.

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