Mission and Vision


Clients are our main focus at Bomacon. Together with them we find solutions and discuss limitations. As well, Bomacon believes in delivering high-quality products. Our skilled employees and  high-quality machine park contribute to our success. We can manufacture medium-sized to very large products using CNC milling and turning machines. Since unburdening clients is important to us, we like to provide a total package.


Flexibility is becoming more important in metalworking. We have noticed that clients want shorter delivery times, smaller order sizes and have a higher ordering frequency. Participating in the design phase is crucial for improving production efficiency. By staying innovative, flexible and distinctive, Bomacon remains a good sparring partner. Since Bomacon has different metalworking activities, it is actually possible to offer clients a total solution. Assisting clients by taking care of buying, transport, engineering, building, coating, external machining processes, etc., makes us unique.

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